Here is the Family Faith Fest planning committee – at your service!

John Morris, Station Manager, Spirit FM 90.5

Meegan Wright, Executive Director, Stewardship and Development, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Diane Kledzik, Associate Director for Evangelization, Small Christian Communities and Adult Faith Formation

Chris Pastura, Superintendent of Catholic Schools

Teresa Peterson, Executive Director of Communications, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Jeanne Smith, Associate Director of Stewardship & Development, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Father Gary Dowsey, Pastor, Our Lady of Lourdes, Dunedin

Father Brad Reed, Associate Pastor, Espiritu Santo Catholic Church, Safety Harbor

Deacon Jim Grevenites, St. Raphael Parish, St. Petersburg and Assistant Director, Office of the Diaconate, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Douglas J. Reatini, Director, Office of Worship, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Sylvia Sanchez, Associate Director, Office of Worship, Diocese of St. Petersburg

Jan Weldon, The Link Events

Tara Liaschenko, The Link Events