After 18 months of planning, the Family Faith Fest was an outpouring of grace and the presence of the Holy Spirit was palpable in the joy of the people, the prayers, the music, and most heartfully in the celebration of the Holy Mass.

“God always provides for his people and he provided this place for us to gather today as a diocesan family as brothers and sisters, believers in Jesus Christ, to celebrate this day. God’s plan is not always our plan. His plan is very different often from what our plan might be. But He knows what is best for us. I have faith and trust that this is where we were meant to be on this day!” – Bishop Parkes opening remarks for the Family Faith Fest Mass on Oct. 27, 2018, Florida State Fairgrounds.

Here is coverage of this event so you can see the images and hear the stories that made this day so unforgettable. We hope you will share this with your community and help to keep the Fest alive in our hearts and minds! God bless you!

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